Dublin Marathon, Mile 3

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I got a ticket for the 2014 London Marathon...

Week 47 - November 24:

Man, i am crap at keeping this blog up to date these days. Its been nearly two months since i wrote about the Basel Marathon. Its supposed to be my running diary more than anything so I will make an effort to update it weekly again.
October wasn't a great month of training for me. After the Basel race I took my foot off the gas with training and dieting really, and didn't put the effort into running much. If i am honest I don't think my head or my heart was in it. But we went to New York on business at the end of October and when I returned on Nov 4th I decided i was going to get back on track and get training seriously again. So I put myself on the wagon and went for it.

Had a good few weeks and a this last week was very good. A solid 9.5 training hours, with a mix of gym, outdoors running, and biking. I have been at the gym more than usual lately and am starting to like it more and more.

Most important is the fact that i am running The 2014 London Marathon again! The charity Addaction who i ran for last year, have offered me another slot and i have accepted. I need to raise GBP 2000 which is going to be tough as i really rinsed people last year, but my wife said she will handle the fund raising if i put my head down and concentrate on the running. Sounds good to me!

So the race is April 13 2014 - a little under 5 months. Hopefully I will get a better time than last year!

Off skiing this coming Thursday for the first trip of the season! Cant wait to hit the slopes, see old friends and have my first beer in nearly a month. Lets get it on!

Week 47 - 9.5 Hours, 90.9 KG.