Dublin Marathon, Mile 3

Sunday, September 23, 2012

5 weeks til race day..........

A decent week this week. 6.5 Hours of training done and dusted! The week didnt feel too hectic as I managed to stay at no more than one session on any given day. Nothing to crazy in the week but today I knocked out the longest run I have done in years - 26 km, and still in one piece! Very happy with that and it has given me more confidence in crossing the finish line in Dublin as I could have done more if need be. I did get a bit of a twinge in my left ankle but nothing too bad, so should be good for the marathon. Most training plans dont take you past 30-35k before race day, so I am nearly there. :)

DONATIONS - since the last post I have had sponsorship online donations from David Chow, Jennifer Kim, Steve and Shelley Dewar and Sean Partridge! Thanks Guys!!

Monday - rest day
Tuesday - AM 1hr 05 mins Gym session. bike, run, weights
Wednesday - AM 5km run, 32 mins
Thursday - missed the swim session AGAIN
Friday - PM bike then run, 1 hour 30
Saturday - x
Sunday - 26km run, 2 hours 55 mins

Total - 6 hours, 32 mins
Weigh in - 88.9

NOTES - High5 carb drink was very good, as were the powerbar gel shots. will use them for the marathon.
10 hour plan this coming week!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

6 Weeks 'til Race Day!

WEEK 37, 6 weeks to go......

This week ended up just about getting in my allotted time of 7 hours. Due to the work commitments (and not beating myself up about missing training sessions) I didn't get in all of the weekly training, but made up for it today with a 4 hour / 82 KM bike ride from Mannheim-Schriesheim-Wilhelmsfeld-Heidelberg-Mannheim. Michelle came and met me in Heidelberg for the last 27KM home too. Lovely sunny day but loads of tourists around.
In general the week was much less stressful than previous weeks (see below post) and I am now refocused on the work ahead. For next week I have decided to limit training sessions to a maximum of one per day which will make things easier.

Flights and accommodation to Dublin are now booked! After the race on the Monday, Michelle and I will head over to Mayo on the west coast for some R&R.

DONATIONS - Thanks to Mick Cafferkey, Martin Moloney, Ade Ingrey, Pat Mcleish and Mat Knight for their donations recently! Its great to know people are still donating for the charity. We should be pretty close to the 2000 pound mark soon when putting everything together from the pubs and online. Plenty more to go though!

Monday X
Tuesday X
Wednesday - AM 50 min run
Thursday - AM 50 min run
Friday - 1 Hour run
Saturday - X
Sunday - 4 Hour /82km bike ride

Total - 6 Hours 40 Mins
Weigh in - 89KG

Already got my training plan for next week - 8 hours including 3 hour long run on Sunday. Lets get it on! :)

Friday, September 14, 2012


Its been a stressful couple of weeks trying to get the training and work in. Our new business is taking off nicely and is creating long hours including the commute. I am not worried about that at all as busy is good, but i have been stressing about fitting in all the training that i have to do. Came to a bit of a head last weekend where I went on a bit of a session.
So this week i decided to de-stress a bit and took the foot off the gas (training wise). Normally I would get up at 0545, walk the dog, do my hour or so training, shower, drive to work, but this morning I have decided to skip a session and have some relaxing time before I head off to work ( I am writing this before work which is unheard of!). Made myself some scrambled eggs and toast with coffee and have another 45 mins before I need to leave too, so nice and chilled.
Checked my donations page and also, and saw that 5 new people have sent money, which was awesome!
So all in all, I feel much less stressed than last week and have slapped a "no booze" ban on myself up till race day (one day in October aside) as you can kid others but you cant kid yourself...
I am sure the next few weeks will involve a lot of training but this "relaxed" (still 5 hours though!) week has motivated me to want to get stuck in again. :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Marathon Training and Donations for TICK TOCK -

Week 35........ 8 weeks to go.

So I managed to get in a pretty decent week, with 7 hours and 40 mins clocked up. Still, it was meant to be a 10 hour training week so I missed a few sessions, but it was crazy busy at work (which is good!) and there are only so many hours in the day. In general, things are going well and no knee or foot injuries to note.

As of today we are exactly 8 weeks away from race day! So, I have to really knuckle down and get all the sessions in that I can, keep a more strict eye on my diet and minimize alcohol consumption so that I can get down to my target weight of 87KG by Oct 29th. I sometimes think that because i have done a training session I can have an ice cream after dinner or another beer but that is not going to help get across the line in October...

DONATIONS - coming along well. We are over the 1000 pound mark online now, and thanks this week to Kevin Briggs, Paula Land and Joel Chudleigh for sending monies to the Just Giving page. I have been told that there is over 300 quid in the Labor Club too, and I am sure the Rathmore collection is also going well!

Monday - Rest Day
Tuesday - AM1H 25 mins in the gym. Cross Bike, weights, cross bike
Tuesday - PM 40 minute light run
Wednesday - Missed a session due to work
Thursday - Missed the swim session - gutted!
Friday - AM 1H 5min run before work, PM 1.10 run after work
Saturday - X
Sunday - 3H 20 mins / 67KM bike ride. Mostly flat but off road.

Total - 7 hours 40 mins.

Garmin stats - http://connect.garmin.com/dashboard

NOTES - watch the calories and eating crap foods from now on in!