Dublin Marathon, Mile 3

Monday, April 23, 2012

Weinstrasse Half Marathon 12.4.2012

April 22 2012 was the Weinstrasse Half Marathon and Full Marathon.

I got up early and had my usual scrambled eggs with bacon bits and brown toast with coffee. The start was at 1000 so Michelle and I left home around 0815 then picked up our friends Carsten who was also running, and then Sylvia who always comes and supports us. It turns out that Carsten was out on the beer the night before so wasn’t looking 100% when we met him!

The weather has been terrible for the last few days; rain, wind, hail etc and the forecast for Sunday said there was a 50% chance of rain later in the day, but that between the hours of 1000-1300 it should stay clear, perfect!
Here is a picture of me and Richie and Paul who also were running:

I wasn’t sure what time to expect to come in at as the last time I ran this race I was in good shape and ran it in 2Hrs 20 mins but I was injured for most of 2011 and haven’t ran a half marathon since May last year, so I thought If I came in somewhere around the 2hr 20min it would be ok.
Heres a picture of me setting off, waving to the fans! 

Got off to a good start; the road at the beginning was a little tight for all the runners as it starts off in the village of Bockenheim which is really old so all the streets are narrow. But after a while it thinned out and I could concentrate on keeping my pace up. This was the first race I ran with my Garmin 310XT sports watch and I loved it! It shows you what time you will complete a KM in if you keep to your current pace so I was able to be consistent most of the way through. I knew it was going to get hilly in the middle part of the race so I went out quite quick (for me!) at the start but was also holding some back too. Then when I got to the hilly bit I done that no problem and carried on, still feeling good!

At KM19 there is a monster hill climb for the best part of a kilometer and it’s bloody tough. A lot of people were walking up this but I could see that I was on for a good time if I didn’t slow down, so I kept on pumping and got to the top without walking. Then looking at my clock I could see that if a went like a bat out of hell I might get in around 02.12 so I started running as fast as I could. Luckily the end is either flat or slightly downhill so I managed to pull off the fasted 2 laps of the whole race and landed in at 2 hours 10 mins!! VERY HAPPY with that!

I normally have a beer or two to celebrate after a race but I am off the beer for now so it was an alcohol free hefe weizen and then round to our friends Garret and Maike for a BBQ which was great. I fell asleep there for a bit but all in all I was feeling good, with no injuries or issues to note. All in all, a fanstatic day and looking forward to the Mannheim Half Marathon on May 12th.That race is much flatter so I will hopefully have a faster time there… 2 hours maybe?

Notes: 21.1 Km, 2 hours, ten mins
Food - eggs and toast, coffee for BF, energy bar in run, orange power drink mix in camelback which worked great.
Cals burned - 2063.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


On the run up to the half marathon this week, the training has been tapered down. Tuesday was a 5km run at 31mins 48 seconds and this evening i done a 7km run in 45 mins. Tomorrow is a swim day for 40 mins and thats really it till Sunday.
The Weinstrasse half marathon is set in the wine growing area of Germany and is quite hilly so i dont expect to run any PB's. Its also the first race since the Mannheim half marathon last May where i messed up my foot big time. This is the first race since then, and i am excited to be running it. Not really too bothered about the time; i just want to cross the finish line injury free! Its been a slow and steady ramp up to this date..lets get it on!

Training today - 7km, 45 mins, 668 calories
Food muesli, banana, chicken sandwich.
Weigh in 94.2 KG
Garmin Stats - http://connect.garmin.com/activity/169407057

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Le Weekend

Saturday - I was traveling due to work on Friday so was unable to do my training session on that day. Luckily enough I was able to work from home on Saturday so had the flexibility to catch up on Saturday morning. Done a bike, swim, bike session. I am really getting into the swimming at the moment; it’s one place where you can completely forget about everything. Even when out running, work and stuff can run through your mind, but when in the pool the only thing you can think about is breathing and swimming! Pretty sad though that whilst most people use You Tube to view talking dogs and the like, I have recently been checking out videos on the perfect front crawl technique. J
Had to do 1000m time trial which was 22mins and 43 seconds. I was hoping for under 21 mins but my arms were tired as soon as I started swimming. Maybe it was something to do with the ride to the pool? Not sure. Anyway, also done a time trial for 500m bi lateral breathing (breathing on alternate sides every 3 or 5 strokes); that was 11.43 which I was happy about as I couldn’t even do it 3 months ago.
Saturday night was round a mates house for birthday drinks and food. Stayed off the alcohol.

Total time 2 hours 10 mins
Food  - BF Muesli, lunch steak salad, evening – BBQ chicken, prawns, chips and dips. 2 alcohol free beers.

Sunday – Big bike ride today. Biked from Mannheim out to Weinheim and then back again. It was a bit cold to start off but then warmed up a bit. The Weinheim area is lovely to bike or run through when the weather is nice (have tried to attach a photo of the old town of Weinheim). Lots of people out there on some very expensive bikes. Was pretty knackered when home but feeling all good with the knee and foot!

Total Time – 2hr 50 mins / 57km
Food  - BF muesli and banana, energy bar, evening steak, spargel and potatoes
Sunday weigh in 93.4 KG
Garmin Stats - http://connect.garmin.com/activity/168310322
Total training time this week - 8Hrs 32 mins

Next weekend is RACE DAY!!! First half marathon of the year and my first since I rightly messed my foot up last May… lets get it on! 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Toilet Troubles..

So I was chatting to my brother Tom today. Tom’s been living in Australia for the last few years and has recently taken up boxing. His first real fight is tomorrow night Aus time (good luck Tom!). He has also lost a load of weight in the last few months, which reinforces my theory that there is a finite amount of weight distributed between me and my three brothers, and when one or two lose weight, the others gain it!
Anyway, Tom said that he now follows this blog but said “am I only going to read about what you had for breakfast etc”, so I when I was out running I was thinking about what topic I could write about. And at around kilometer 5 the topic started brewing…
I don’t think I am the only runner that has issues with going to the toilet; its something we have to deal with. I always try to go before hand but sometimes you just can’t do what you gotta do, and just head out anyway. I always carry a pocket of toilet roll “just in case”. (this trick was learned back in the day in England when we used to go clubbing in England!). Anyhoo, around the 5km mark (half way today) I got a warning that I needed the loo…soon. I knew there was a public toilet up ahead so made my way there. As I got close the desperation was building and building and I was gutted to see that the door was locked when I got there! But there was a man sitting outside there on a chair so I spoke to him in German and asked what the deal was. He replied in what I think was German but didn’t really understand him, saying something about it was closed. He then went on for a minute or two, and then proceeded to take the keys out of his pocket and open the door! He was obviously after some kind of remuneration for this kind gesture ( there is a strange custom in this country where you tip the toilet cleaner for cleaning the toilet!) so I rushed in there, overstayed my welcome and left. He talked to me in mad German for another minute until I gave him a euro, to which he smiled at me and I went on my merry way……..a close call!!

So if you are reading this blog Tom, I hope this was more interesting for you! Good luck for the fight tomorrow.

Running info -10km, total time 1hr.07, 883 calories burned
Food – BF muesli, lunch soup and risotto, evening muesli and banana.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Running Stats for April 11 2012

My stats from my Garmin 310 XT for running session today

Untitled by david4dublin2012 at Garmin Connect - Details


AM  - 7 km run done first thing this morning in the forest behind the house. Knee and foot feeling fine, no issues to note today.

Evening - 50 min swim in the pool. 1200m i think. Lost count of the laps. :)

Breakfast, eggs, toast, coffee. Lunch - pork steak and pasta.

Total time 1 Hr 35 mins

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Food diary

No breakfast today
Lunch Ham roll
Dinner chicken soup and brown bread. Muesli and yoghurt after.

Back to work and back training

Back to work today after the Easter break. Also had a rest day yesterday so was back in the gym this morning at 0630, sweating out all the food and chocolate from the Easter break. Done 50 min work out. Had a swim session planned for this evening but couldn't make it as i was on the road this evening. Will have to make it up later in the week as my instructor is wanting 8-9 hours this week!
Finally got the official confirmation of the Dublin Marathon entry this evening. Very happy and excited about that. :)
Been thinking about what charity or cause to raise money for today. Have seen a few things of interest; will keep looking at others too.
Total training time 50 mins.

Sunday Pre Run

Up at 0530 on a Sunday morning and bed last night at 2230 - who is this man!!?? Just had big breakfast and now getting myself together for the long run today. Hope to be able to report back that it was a nice run...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Rest Day Monday

Rest day today. Its actually difficult at the moment NOT to do an activity on rest days. I guess I am just excited that things are going well right now. I am sure when the training gets longer and harder I will be glad for rest days. :)

Cheese & Crackers

Last night Michelle broke out the cheese and crackers. :( 
So muesli for breakfast this morning (Monday) and soup/ pasta for lunch. Invited to friends house tonight for home made curry. WEIGH IN this morning was 94.5 but thats T.B.E (to be expected) after cheese and easter eggs.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weigh In

Sunday weigh in was 93.3, thats 10kg in 12 weeks! Very happy.
BF today before the run was eggs and toast, lunch spanish omlette and dinner pork steak and potatoes. Some chocolate early evening.

Sunday Long Run

Made it! 16km and still in one piece! Very happy with myself and managed to up the pace on the back half of the run which is very promising. Here are the stats:
Untitled by david4dublin2012 at Garmin Connect - Details

Foot feels good now as does the knee, so all in all a very good session. Weigh in was 93.4kg so thats 10kg lost since Jan 9th! BOOM!
Total time - 1hr49m, distance 16km. Calories 1424.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Untitled by david4dublin2012 at Garmin Connect - Details

Untitled by david4dublin2012 at Garmin Connect - Details

Rest Day Saturday

So, rest day today. Had a good gym and swim yesterday and big run tomorrow, so nothing planned today. 16km run tomorrow morning though; the most i have ran in a long time! Hope to be in on piece after it. Looking forward to the run though.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Swim Session

2200 meters (88 laps) in the pool today. felt really good and really fast, although i didnt bother timing it. Pool was empty too which helps a lot. Out for dinner tonight again.
LUNCH was cheese sandwich.

Total time 60 mins

Gym Session

Done time on the cross trainer, split tread mill, core exercise and weights. Strange thing in German gyms; people are obsessed with not touching their bare feet on the floor in the changing rooms! They go to very long lengths to make sure that they do not connect their feet with the floor at any time! It makes me laugh but i have to play along so as not to get "the stare" that you get from people over here when you break an unwritten or unspoken rule. :) 
I wonder what its like in the UK, Ireland or Aus for example...
Total Time 90 Mins.


My wifes folks arrived from the UK Thursday evening and we were going out for dinner, so i only had time for a quick 30 min run. kept the pace up and it felt good. The new shoes are feeling great. Forgot to put on my new heart rate band and turn on the GPS for the sports watch though, so only got the time measurements! This Friday AM knee and feet feel fine. Got an hours gym session planned for later.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weigh for April 5th was also 94. kg
Went out for dinner evening of April 5th. Vittello tonnato and then turkey with pasta and mushrooms. Felt really full after that so no doubt gain some weight. will weigh in later....

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dinner was fish and vegetables with water. nice!

Running Session

So went out for a run today instead of the bike as i wanted to try out my new runners, compression socks and Garmin 310XT watch! The runners made a huge difference and it felt good. Have to still watch out for knee injuries and my bad foot, both of which will probably haunt me for years but are ok for now. Feels like the marathon training started today. Anyway, 5km in 34mins was what the watch said. Pretty happy with that. I have a longer run planned in the weekend so will see how that rolls. LUNCH was soup and brown bread.
Note on my weigh ins - i started training and weighing in from Jan 9th 2012 (not for the first time, but for this purpose of the marathon training). On Jan 9 the weigh in was 103KG. Today i weighed in at 94.5kg so 8.5KG in less than 12 weeks. Happy with that but lots more to go! this morning was 94.5 but thats T.B.E (to be expected) after cheese and easter eggs.
Breakfast - hard boiled eggs and toast, coffee. Weigh in - 94.5. Kilos lost since Jan 9 2012 = 8.5 :)

Wednesday AM

Up early, but some work to do first. Bike ride planned today. Set up my new Garmin 310XT last night so will take that on its maiden voyage later. :) 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Training Schedule

Swam tonight. 1500m including paddles, pull B etc. Have to try to get to the pool before the evening crowd kicks in! It was packed and i wasnt able to keep pace. 
On another note, my foot is a little sore but the knee is feeling ok. 
First Blog post ever. Hoping to set up a dairy type area for the marathon i intend to do on October 29th 2012, in Dublin.