Dublin Marathon, Mile 3

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week 3

Another good week of training. Managed to rock up 6 hours 45 mins. The weather was so bad this week here in Germany so all the training was done in the gym and pool. We have had a fair bit of snow in the area this week (much like everywhere in Europe!) and today was really bad with ice. We had a ski day planned in a ski area 2.5 hours away from my house, and Michelle and i left at 0600 to drive there. Turns out it was raining all night and morning, but the temperature was - 2.0 C so there was ice everywhere! You know its bad when the Germans close the road, but thats what they did. They closed the main Autobahn from our house going south to the slopes so that was the end of our ski day. I even done a double training session yesterday to make up for missing it today!
Ended up back in Mannheim at 1000 dressed up like a twat in ski clothes!

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - X zone Black time trial - 2.5km run, 1.5k row, 3km bike - 26.40, then weights etc. 1HR. 5 mins
Wednesday - missed session as car had to go to shop and i got the train home
Thursday - 8km run at the gym.
Friday - bike, run, row gym session. Done some extra time too. 1HR 20mins
Saturday - AM swim session. 1000 m time trial - 23.5mins, then finished up to 70 laps/1750m. 55mins
Sunday- no ski! gym session. 5km with 500m light (0600 per km) 500m hard (04.48 per k), 1500 row. 55mins.

TOTAL TIME - 06 hours 45 mins.

NOTE - Sunday session was good! looks like i am getting faster as i held the 04.48 pace well. :)


Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 2

Managed to get in a pretty good training session this week, coming in at around 4 hrs 30 mins. Had to do all AM sessions before work but that's fine as I am wrecked when I get home from work in the week.

All sessions this week were outside as the weather was dry, but it was very cold so gloves, hat, running tights etc were in full effect, along with a head torch to top things off! I am glad its pitch black when out running because i am sure i look like a proper pleb with all that gear on.

I had my first real swim session in a while on Saturday. I managed to get in a 1500m swim before work on Saturday morning.

Had a really nice run out in the hills behind Heidelberg on Sunday. Done 18.5 KM hill session from Wilhemsfeld via the Weisserstein. There are some marked trails (W11 and W9 for future reference) that I followed and have found some more trails for next time too. The view and scenery was amazing and I am looking forward to getting back there again soon. It makes a difference to have new scenery around!

Monday - REST
Tuesday - 4 Km fast
Wednesday - missed this session due to tight Achilles
Thursday - HIIT session today. 3km WU then 4 x 400 hard to 1500 recovery. 9k total
Friday - REST
Saturday - 1500m swim. 10 laps 3 stroke/ 10 laps 4 stroke X 3.
Sunday - 18.5 KM hill run in Wilhelmsfeld.

Total 4.5 hours
Weigh in - 90.6KG

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Week 1, 2013 - here we go again!

So I started the new year as i have done the last few years - in a ski resort in Austria. I love to ski and always go to skiing for a week with friends over the New Year holidays. This year there was 14 of us and we went to a place called Ellmau. I took my running gear with me with the plan to run 5k every morning. Managed to get one run in on the second day there but after that i done no more running! I think the early mornings and long work days of the last few month caught up with me as I found it hard to get out of bed at 0600 to run, when i didnt have to. :)
Anyway, i wasnt too concerned about the running as we were skiing everyday (apart from one when i was ill). It was a great week.
Got home on Saturday, unpacked and relaxed, then went out this morning for a 10k run. I came in at just under 1 hour so that was good!

Now, its back into full training as there are only 105 days till my next marathon - The London Marathon. I have the place in the most in demand marathon in the world, courtesy of Addaction. I am again raising money for them so feel free to hit the donate button if you want to, thanks! I need to raise 1500 pounds for the next race...

Big thanks for donations from Tim and Katie Drummond today!