Dublin Marathon, Mile 3

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Who says marathon training makes life unsocial?

11 weeks till race day.

This week was a big week, packed with not only training but work and a few social events in the calendar too. Last week I asked my training instructor to give me a "big week" as I wanted/needed to experience running on tired legs. I asked for this as I always suffer in the last 15 kilometers of a marathon. I am sure everyone says the same thing! But I can remember last year, running in London and was in absolute torture in the last section, to the point where I had to resort to running 800 meters and then walking 200 meters, just to get to the finish line.

So, a big week was what I got. I had to manage it around our fist ever "The Used Car Guys" company meeting on Tuesday at Saks Hotel in Kaiserslautern, and then a curry and drinks afterwards. Also, it was my wife's birthday on Friday night and we went to a very nice restaurant in Mannheim where we live. That was a late night too, but I still managed to get in 15 kilometers on Saturday, and then the big one was a 3 hour run on Sunday. The idea was to have a few running sessions in the week, a slightly bigger session on Saturday, landing me at the start of Sundays run, already with fatigued legs. The prescribed pace was faster than I usually run but it all went fine and I was pleasantly surprised at how good my legs were in the last portion of the run. All in all a good week!

So if anyone ever tells me that they wont commit to a marathon training plan as it conflicts with work and takes over your social life, I will suggest that they just get up earlier like I do!

Total time: 8 hours (missed 2 sessions mid week)

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