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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Week 32 and 33 marathon training and donations for Tick Tock - update

.......... 10 weeks to go. 

Its been a couple of weeks since last update on here. Mainly due to it being a crazy busy time of it recently! Week 32 (starting Monday 6th August) was always going to be manic. Things were getting busy at work, then I had my mate Henry's wedding in Italy mid week so Mich and I flew to Treviso Tuesdays morning, flew home Thursday night, work all day Friday and then drove to Croatia for a week on Friday night! Arrived Saturday morning (12.5 hours drive from our home in Mannheim) and hit the beach.

I wont bother reporting full stats for that week but I still managed to squeeze in 5 hours 15 mins! Got some lovely runs in Italy done; here are some pics:

And here is a picture of Henry, me, his dad and Dave currid having a few bevvies at the wedding!

Total time 5 hours and 15 Mins.

WEEK 33 (week starting August 13th, a week in Croatia.

Monday: AM - 40 minute run, then 25 minute sea swim PM
Tuesday AM - up early, 1 hour 15 min run, lovely hills, on trails, then hired kiyaks for the day and toured some islands. very nice! (2 hour 30 mins Kiyaking)
Wednesday AM up early, 15km run out on the island. very warm, very nice.

It might sound like all i was doing was training on holiday but that wasnt the case. we were out having dinner most nights with our friends that came with us (Martin and Sylvia) and having a beer or two in the day on the beach, so it was a very nice week away. After Wednesday the training slid off the schedule anyway!

Some running pics from Croatia:

Total time for the week was 6 hours 40 - not bad for a holiday!

Weigh in - nah next week. :)

Since August 6th we have had a few donations online! Thanks to Sylvia, Margaret, Steffi and Rose Coffee! We now finally have the donation buckets and sponsor sheets in the Rathmore Club and the Labor club so should see some monies coming in from there too. Thanks to Pete Wyhnam for the donation behind the bar in the Rathmore!

We are now up to around 950 quid, so getting there!

NOTES: 10 weeks to go, time to get ramping up the miles for race day!

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