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Monday, October 8, 2012

Mid week beer fest and only 3 weeks til race day - WEEK 40

Week 40, three weeks til the marathon...

So I guess its not common practice to get langered at a German Beer festival three weeks before your first marathon, but thats what I did last week. However, I always knew that the date was coming and had informed my training instructor to block 2 days out this week so it was all planned and above board. What i didn't plan for was the 3 days it took to get over the session! 
Myself and my brother James took a bus full of lads down to the annual Stuttgart Beer Fest for a bit of a corporate jolly up, and the craic was brilliant. It started early on Wednesday morning with beer and bacon butties for breakfast in our showroom, and ended up around 0400 on Thursday morning! As i get older these days really take longer to get over, and the fact that I hadnt been partying much due to the training, made it hit me even more. (And I'll admit it; I am a lightweight).

Some pics of the fest:

Managed to get a bit of training in before and after the midweek hangover though, so it was a completely wasted week.

Monday - PM; 4 km run
Tuesday - AM - 1 hour 30 in the Gym, 6k run, weights and row
Wednesday - BEER
Thursday - X
Friday - X
Saturday - X
Sunday - 18.5km run. 06.30 per km pace. 

Total 3 hours 29 mins.

Notes - right ankle a little sore before starting running. As i wright this on Monday eve it feels fine.

DONATIONS - we are up to 1432.60 pounds with the online donations! Thanks to Tessa for her donation this week!! The target is 2000 pounds so we are getting closer but still a ways to go!

So with 3 weeks till race day, this is my last big training week, and boy it looks big. Lots of sessions in the week and 3+ hour run on Sunday which should be up to around 30km will be the longest ever for me so fingers crossed........

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