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Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 2

Managed to get in a pretty good training session this week, coming in at around 4 hrs 30 mins. Had to do all AM sessions before work but that's fine as I am wrecked when I get home from work in the week.

All sessions this week were outside as the weather was dry, but it was very cold so gloves, hat, running tights etc were in full effect, along with a head torch to top things off! I am glad its pitch black when out running because i am sure i look like a proper pleb with all that gear on.

I had my first real swim session in a while on Saturday. I managed to get in a 1500m swim before work on Saturday morning.

Had a really nice run out in the hills behind Heidelberg on Sunday. Done 18.5 KM hill session from Wilhemsfeld via the Weisserstein. There are some marked trails (W11 and W9 for future reference) that I followed and have found some more trails for next time too. The view and scenery was amazing and I am looking forward to getting back there again soon. It makes a difference to have new scenery around!

Monday - REST
Tuesday - 4 Km fast
Wednesday - missed this session due to tight Achilles
Thursday - HIIT session today. 3km WU then 4 x 400 hard to 1500 recovery. 9k total
Friday - REST
Saturday - 1500m swim. 10 laps 3 stroke/ 10 laps 4 stroke X 3.
Sunday - 18.5 KM hill run in Wilhelmsfeld.

Total 4.5 hours
Weigh in - 90.6KG

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