Dublin Marathon, Mile 3

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Week 1, 2013 - here we go again!

So I started the new year as i have done the last few years - in a ski resort in Austria. I love to ski and always go to skiing for a week with friends over the New Year holidays. This year there was 14 of us and we went to a place called Ellmau. I took my running gear with me with the plan to run 5k every morning. Managed to get one run in on the second day there but after that i done no more running! I think the early mornings and long work days of the last few month caught up with me as I found it hard to get out of bed at 0600 to run, when i didnt have to. :)
Anyway, i wasnt too concerned about the running as we were skiing everyday (apart from one when i was ill). It was a great week.
Got home on Saturday, unpacked and relaxed, then went out this morning for a 10k run. I came in at just under 1 hour so that was good!

Now, its back into full training as there are only 105 days till my next marathon - The London Marathon. I have the place in the most in demand marathon in the world, courtesy of Addaction. I am again raising money for them so feel free to hit the donate button if you want to, thanks! I need to raise 1500 pounds for the next race...

Big thanks for donations from Tim and Katie Drummond today!

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