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Monday, February 11, 2013

Week 6 - a good week!

I try to keep this journal updated weekly so that i can look back on my training, but its not been possible recently. For my notes, week 4 and 5 of 2013 were all good; no injuries, mostly gmy work due to the snow outside and mainly a mix of running, biking and swimming. Oh, and i managed to get a 2500m swim in, in under an hour! Very happy with that.

So, to week 6. This week was a prep for the Frankfurt Half marathon on Sunday. I done my carb loading and eased off on the runs in the week to keep the legs fresh. But it went all wrong on Sunday.........

I got up around 0530 to get my breakfast in, then dragged my wife out of bed and drove the hour long journey up to the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt where the race started. When we got there it was very quiet; too quiet! I thought for a bit that we were in the wrong place so ran around the (50,000 seater) stadium to check for signs of life. There was no one around! Long story short is that we arrived early . a month early! I got the bloody dates wrong. The race in on March 10, not Feb 10! What a twat...

After a quick coffee and bagel we drove home. Down but not out, i decided to head out for a run anyway, and wanted to do the same half marathon distance. My goal for the race was to try for a sub 2 hour finish and so i went for this again. My best ever time was 2.07 so it was a long shot, but the end result was a 1.59 time! I was very happy with myself and went down the pub for a few triumphant pints afterwards. :=)

Total time this week           3 hours 30
Half Marathon                    1.59
Weight                                89.6KG

Things are looking well for the London Marathon in April. thinking about doing an Ultra Marathon somewhere in the world later this year too..... :)

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