Dublin Marathon, Mile 3

Sunday, March 24, 2013

4 weeks till marathon day

WEEK 11 -
My legs were feeling it a lot after the Frankfurt Half, so i didnt do much training in the week following it. I managed a 45 minute run on thursday and but took it easy after that as i knew i had a big session on Sunday planned. So when Sunday came around i was well rested for the trail run in The Pfalz forest area in Germany. Its about 40 minute drive from my house towards Kaiserslautern and is a very hilly area; great for trail running and even cross country skiing in the winter.
There are loads of trails listed on boards and marked on trees and maps so i borrowed a map from a mate of mine and picked a route from Seebach down to Mainzertal. I estimated it to be around 20-25km route.

The trails were very well marked out and i managed a 30 km run in approx 4 hours 10 mins. Not very fast but the hills were big and some of the trails were snow covered which made them slippery, but it was a great run.

total time week 11 -  4 hours 55 mins.

WEEK 12 -.

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Gym session 1 hr 30 mins
Wednesday - run without my Garmin and heart rate and ipod. Was nice! 30 mins approx.
Thursday - Gym session. 40 mins on the bike, then 4 km run.
Friday - 5 km run in the Alps, then skiing
Saturday - skiing
Sunday - drive home.

Total time - 06 hours 45 mins.

Went to Gerlos in Austria this weekend. Had a great time and done some great skiing! Last trip of the 2013 season. I only went twice this year due to work commitments but it was a great way to end the season and will look forward to going back to Gerlos next year.

Only 4 weeks to go till the next marathon - London! Got a big 10 hour training week ahead which is going to be a tight fit...

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  1. Wow...sounds exhausting to me! Great job on your trail run!I need to learn how to ski...it sounds like so much fun!