Dublin Marathon, Mile 3

Monday, May 20, 2013

Last big run before the marathon

This weeks schedule was quite a big one; 8.5 hours planned by my coach. He sent me the plan via email on Monday but I was still travelling back from Sweden then and so didnt do anything on Monday, was too tired to do anything on Tuesday and so started my training week on Wednesday.

With my disappointing finishing time in London still fresh in my mind, I am determined to be better prepared for my next marathon in 3 weeks time, so I done my best to fit in as much as possible into the remaining days of the week. Some days included double session days (one before work and one after) which makes the days very long, but i got in some running, biking and gym sessions before my big run on Sunday. I am starting to enjoy the spin bike at the gym. It makes for a good session before work if you dont have much time and need to get the heart pumping.

Come Sunday, I had a 3 hour run planned. Its hard to find long runs in the city so I got my wife to drive me out to a small town where I biked last year. There is a connecting trail from the town of Speyer through a forest to another town called Neustadt. Its a good 30km's and is mostly trail paths, so was perfect for what i was looking for.

Had to keep the first 1HR 30 at a "light" pace. Light for me is around 06.15 per KM. Then after the 90 mins I had to speed up to 05:45 and keep it there for the next 60 mins non stop. This turned out to be quite tough! Managed to hold it though and then with a 30 min slow pace/ warm down, it filled the three hours.

Total time for the week was 7.10

Next week I am off to Switzerland for the Dreilander Race. Will do a 10km there and aim for a PB, so anything under 55 mins.

Also been looking at Autumn marathons to aim for. Looking at Munich or Pfalzerwald right now.

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  1. Great job with the training...you will do awesome I am sure of it! Blessings!

    Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run