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Sunday, April 20, 2014

The London Marathon!

So... a week ago today I ran the 2014 London Marathon! I am very happy to say that I completed the race without any major issues or injuries, and pulled out a personal best too (4.34) so was very happy with the outcome! Here's a quick #marathonselfie of me just crossing the finishing line and collecting a medal:

It was an amazing day; the weather was great, the organization was amazing and the general mood of everyone was good. Its so much better when the sun is shining! We were staying close to The London Eye and got the "Thames Clipper" boat from The London Eye down to The Cutty Sark in Greenwich from where we walked to the start. Here's an AM picture whilst waiting for the boat to arrive:

Looking back, I think I ran the first half well, but then slowed in the second half. I guess most people do that also, but I really want to train more to work on the second half of the long runs; keeping the pace so as not to drop time. Its a hard job but with some work I hope to get a better time. For now though, I was happy to beat my own record.

Some more pics of the day are below. It was nice to have a few beers afterwards - I was off alcohol for a while before the race and saw the benefits, but the pint did taste good! My mum, mother in law and some of their friends were down to support, and my mate Charlie also made the journey up too. We had a nice night in London / Covent Garden afterwards, and I got a discounted dinner for having my medal on. :)

I will definitely look back at this marathon with much fonder memories than the previous London race! Thanks to everyone who donated to my charity. Next stop is the Mannheim Marathon at the end of May. I pretty much ate and drank anything I wanted to this week, but it will be back on form starting Monday. Got to get under 4Hr 30 mins next!

Cheers, David

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  1. Congratulations my friend on your marathon. Looks like a fabulous place to run and enjoy some time outside. I have been away for some time but just started blogging again...keep running!