Dublin Marathon, Mile 3

Monday, June 11, 2012

Training update WEEK 23- a record breaking week!

So things went well for week 23, June 4th -10th. I managed to get three PBs! Got my best time ever in 500m swimming time trail, then also best time for a 5km run mid week and then clocked my fastest ever 1km on Saturday morning before work! i think i also clocked my fastest 1km on a bike on Sunday too, but i wont count that...
The week in general was good; managed to cover more than the full 6.5 hours that were in my training plan, but managed to put on approx 1kilo as was eating some crap in the week. (was working away from home office so had to eat on the go all week).
Monday - Rest day
Tuesday - gym session, 1 hr
Wednesday - 5km run, 28 mins, 17 seconds! Fastest ever. My old PB was 29.57 so i smashed it! Very happy with that. :) http://connect.garmin.com/activity/188095325
Thursday - AM 1 hour swim including 500m time trial @ 10.50, PM bike ride, 2 hours. Found a really nice paved trail that goes all the way to Speyer and beyond. will be using this trail for long distance running.
Friday - REST
Saturday - Speed training. fastest 1km was 05.01, 55mins. http://connect.garmin.com/activity/188095360
Sunday - bike ride, 2 hours from Mannheim Altrip to Speyer and back. Found some great restuarants and even a swimming lake that i never knew was there! http://connect.garmin.com/activity/188095394

Total Time  - 7.5 hours
Weigh in - 93.3
Notes:  need to not eat crap when on the road!