Dublin Marathon, Mile 3

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week 24 - all work work work..

Week 24 (11-17th June) was a tough one. Not tough training wise, but work wise. My brother James was away on vacation so i had to cover him in the office for the best part of two weeks. As i have been working from the sanctuary of my home office for the last 6 months (internet car sales), this was a big shock to the system! An ten hour day book ended with an hour commute each way meant there was little time to fit in much training. Working from home meant i could plan my day around training sessions and as i will be leaving the internet sales company in a few weeks to join James in our new venture, i need to find a way to fit in the marathon training around work. Being away from home also meant bad food choices as i was eating on the go, so will need to watch that too. Good thing is that i really enjoyed being out of the home office and had a very good work week!

Monday 11 June - REST
Tuesday 12th - 1000m swim late night after work. Plan was for 2000 but i was knackered.
Wednesday 13th - 5km Run in the forest
Thursday 14th - One hour run around Kaiserslautern.
Friday 15th - X
Saturday 16th - X
Sunday 17th - 2 hour bike ride up the Rhein river trail. Very nice.

Total time - 4 Hours 10 mins
Weigh in - 93
Notes - early mornings will be better for sessions than after work. plan runs in mornings and any evening sessions for swimming. Get up early!