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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Training Update week of May 28th, WEEK 22

Monday - swim was on the plan but i couldnt get it done due to first day back to work and i was swamped. good news is that the local swimming pool is back open after 2 years! will save me some time driving to and from Schwetzingen where i go to now.
Tuesday AM - 50 min Gym session. Evening - 5.6km run in the forest behind the house. was very warm but a nice run with Michelle. Stats: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/183469878 37 mins.
Wednesday AM - 1.30 on the bike. Its tough to figure out where to ride for 1.5 hours just after getting out of bed at 0600. Note to self - plan the route the night before next time. Ended up biking out down the Rhein past the Zollamt, then back past the house and out to Schwetzingen. Was a nice ride, no traffic, sun shining, averaging around 22kmh.
Thursday PM: Finally got down to the new swimming pool in my area! Was very excited about this as i have been travelling 20 mins each way to another pool all year. That makes an hour session into a 2 hour trip which was a pain. Anyway, got to the new pool. All very nice and the two ladies at the front desk were very polite and showed me how the new systems worked for the changing rooms lockers (over complicated).
When i got to the pool it was very nice but it was busy and no dedicated area for "serious" swimmers. You had to fend for yourself amonsgt it all. And it was all going on. there were loads of (dare i say it) youths jumping off the boards going crazy, old couples swimming in tandem at 1mph etc etc. I used to be one of those kids jumping off boards the whole time so i shouldnt really say anything, but it was a bit annoying!
Managed to get in 1500m non stop, then 3min rest, then another 500m and i was done. Had buger and chips for lunch today so i hope the extra 500m burned off those calories. :) Gym session tomorrow AM before i hit the road to work.
Friday AM: Had a nice 50 min before work. kept it "fast" for me and tried to keep to a 05.45per km pace, but it was too tough. not sure i will be running any sub 2 hours half marathons this year!
Friday PM: was a great day at work today! Some very good news so i hit the Champagne after work with some buddies, and well that was the start of a great night out in Mannheim. :)
Saturday AM: Had a run planned but my head was banging so i went to the new pool instead. Had a sauna before and then 1500m to clear out the cobwebs.

Total stats: 6 hours training
Weigh in: 92.5kg
Notes: need to make up more hours next week and leave off the big weekends!

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