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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Training and donation update - WEEK 27 (16 weeks to go)

This weeks training was pretty good. Only had 5hr 30 on the plan, and managed to do 6hr.13 so happy with that.. Didnt get out Monday or Tuesday due to work, but Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat and today (Sun) i managed to squeeze it all in. Worth noting was the 10k race that James and I participated in on the Ramstein US Air Force Base in Germany. It was to raise money for a soldier that was a friend of a friend. He has a rare blood cancer and so there have been fund raising events to raise money for the family. Approx 100 or so people attended the race and all paid entry fees that went to the cause.
The race was around the air field and it was a nice warm day. This base is huge though! There are nearly 35,000 people working on it so you can imagine the size. Anyway, i ran my best ever 10km time at 55.45! Thats nearly 4 mins off my previous record so i was well happy with that! We got T shirts made with the logo for our new business to wear at the race too - here is James sporting one of the Shirts!

On the way home i stopped in "The Pfalz" which is the Germany wine growing region and went for a 5km hill run. As luck would have it i came across a lovely restaurant in the forest with possibly the nicest beer garden in the country!

Donations for the charity is up to GBP 491 this week, thanks for some donations from people. Still a long way to go, but there is 16 weeks left till the Marathon in Dublin so i am sure we will get to the target. There are plenty of people out there still to donate! 

Monday - x
Tuesday - x
Wednesday - 40 min run before work
Thursday - 40 min run before work
Friday - 16km ride before work and 2000m swim after work.
Saturday , 10km race, then 5km hill run in Isenach
Sunday, 1200m swim and 1 hour bike ride.

Total - 6 Hours 13 minutes.
Notes - knee and feet ok. 
weigh in - 92.1

Another busy work week ahead setting up our new business but no worries, there are 24 hours in the day! 

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