Dublin Marathon, Mile 3

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tick Tock Tommy

Week 26,
well i was meant to do a 10 hour training session this week but work keeps getting in the way. i am getting up at 0600 but still cant seem to fit it all in. will aim to work harder at it next week. I  ended up with 7 hours including a big feckin run today!! very happy with that but have not lost any weight this month.
More importantly, this week i decided to commit to a charity to raise money in memory of my ole mate Tommy. This is what its all about after all. I have chosen Addaction, and hope to raise 2 grand for Dublin Marathon and 2 Grand for London next year. I am amazed that in the short space of a few days, i already have donations from John, Scott, Mich, Lea from Cov, Tim Collins, Kathy collins, Mary Munnelly, Nina and Nico! Thanks to you all for your efforts. i will keep running in memory of Tick Tock!

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