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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Toilet Troubles..

So I was chatting to my brother Tom today. Tom’s been living in Australia for the last few years and has recently taken up boxing. His first real fight is tomorrow night Aus time (good luck Tom!). He has also lost a load of weight in the last few months, which reinforces my theory that there is a finite amount of weight distributed between me and my three brothers, and when one or two lose weight, the others gain it!
Anyway, Tom said that he now follows this blog but said “am I only going to read about what you had for breakfast etc”, so I when I was out running I was thinking about what topic I could write about. And at around kilometer 5 the topic started brewing…
I don’t think I am the only runner that has issues with going to the toilet; its something we have to deal with. I always try to go before hand but sometimes you just can’t do what you gotta do, and just head out anyway. I always carry a pocket of toilet roll “just in case”. (this trick was learned back in the day in England when we used to go clubbing in England!). Anyhoo, around the 5km mark (half way today) I got a warning that I needed the loo…soon. I knew there was a public toilet up ahead so made my way there. As I got close the desperation was building and building and I was gutted to see that the door was locked when I got there! But there was a man sitting outside there on a chair so I spoke to him in German and asked what the deal was. He replied in what I think was German but didn’t really understand him, saying something about it was closed. He then went on for a minute or two, and then proceeded to take the keys out of his pocket and open the door! He was obviously after some kind of remuneration for this kind gesture ( there is a strange custom in this country where you tip the toilet cleaner for cleaning the toilet!) so I rushed in there, overstayed my welcome and left. He talked to me in mad German for another minute until I gave him a euro, to which he smiled at me and I went on my merry way……..a close call!!

So if you are reading this blog Tom, I hope this was more interesting for you! Good luck for the fight tomorrow.

Running info -10km, total time 1hr.07, 883 calories burned
Food – BF muesli, lunch soup and risotto, evening muesli and banana.

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